Android: Closing those database objects

Android applications based on the Notepadv3 tutorial are prone to a DatabaseObjectNotClosedException when they’re closed. Here’s how to prevent them.

Android: Using DatabaseUtils.InsertHelper for faster insertions into SQLite database

Using DatabaseUtils.InsertHelper, plus a couple other performance tweaks, yielded a nearly factor of ten performance improvement for bulk database insertions on AndroidOS.

Android: Spinners, SimpleAdapter, and (maybe) ViewBinder

On older versions of AndroidOS, there’s a bug that causes the combination of SimpleAdapter and Spinner to fail when displaying text data. There’s also a workaround: Add a ViewBinder to the SimpleAdapter. This is simpler than it sounds.

Android: Simpler AutoCompleteTextView with SimpleCursorAdapter

AutoCompleteTextView doesn’t require subclassing the CursorAdapter, after all. Where I’d thought it would be necessary to override certain methods, I’ve found that handler methods provided by SimpleCursorAdapter allow the same functionality without subclassing.