Update of Forked SyntaxHighlighter

As promised, I’ve updated this site’s fork of the SyntaxHighlighter software by Alex Gorbatchev. I’ve merged in many of the changes that Alex included in his 2.1.364 release, but with the following differences:

  • In 2.1.364, the ruler functionality was removed. It’s still included here.
  • 2.1.364 changed the way that wrapped lines are presented. I’ve kept the old presentation, but modified the icon that’s used to signify wrapping.
  • Internally, 2.1.364 uses a separate HTML table to represent each line of source. I’ve maintained the older pattern of simply using a separate <div> to represent each line.

Other new bits in this release:

  • I’ve added a “Hide” button to the toolbar. Code blocks can now be expanded/collapsed at the user’s whim. (As before, an author can still choose to present a block in the hidden/collapsed state.)
  • When both a horizontal scrollbar and a gutter (the line number column) are displayed, the scrollbar no longer extends under the gutter. (I think this is an improvement; as always, feedback is welcome.) Update: I’ve backed out this change; it was causing problems with IE7.

The ZIP file is available through the Download Page.

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