Update of Forked SyntaxHighlighter

I’ve updated this site’s fork of the SyntaxHighlighter software by Alex Gorbatchev. These features a partial merge from Alex’s 2.1.364 release. I’ve also added a “Hide” button to the toolbar.

Do not adjust your eyes; it’s just a new theme.

I’ve just gone live with a different WordPress theme. So, if you’re feeling a bit lost, don’t panic. This is a new theme, iTech, which was just released last month. I’ve tailored the CSS, fixed a bug or two in the php, and even managed to add a new customization option. It’s been a good […]

JavaScript Array Performance, And Why It Matters

Arrays can present an unexpected performance bottleneck in JavaScript. Here I show that array performance is influenced by some surprising details of the array and how it’s used.