SyntaxHighlighter: Easier to load; faster to boot?

I’ve introduced a new method for loading SyntaxHighlighter onto a web page. The goal was simply to make it easier to integrate SyntaxHighlighter into a web site. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new method often loads faster than the traditional method.

Update of Forked SyntaxHighlighter

I’ve updated this site’s fork of the SyntaxHighlighter software by Alex Gorbatchev. These features a partial merge from Alex’s 2.1.364 release. I’ve also added a “Hide” button to the toolbar.

Do not adjust your eyes; it’s just a new theme.

I’ve just gone live with a different WordPress theme. So, if you’re feeling a bit lost, don’t panic. This is a new theme, iTech, which was just released last month. I’ve tailored the CSS, fixed a bug or two in the php, and even managed to add a new customization option. It’s been a good […]

JavaScript Array Performance, And Why It Matters

Arrays can present an unexpected performance bottleneck in JavaScript. Here I show that array performance is influenced by some surprising details of the array and how it’s used.